About Tecendo Sonhos

Collaborating for the promotion of worthy working relationships, through actions that integrate owners of sewing workshops, stakeholders and technologies that change the relations of the textile chain.

About the Program

The Tecendo Sonhos program is an iniciative of Aliança Empreendedora, with the aim of promoting fair and dignifying labor relations in the textile chain of sewing workshops through entrepreneurship. The program’s actions seek to integrate micro and small entrepreneurs of textile workshops, social organizations working in migration, government, social networks, researches and technologies that transform chain relations and the responsible consumption.

Since 2014 this program has been working with Latin American immigrants in the city of São Paulo. In 2020 the program expands its actions to the Agreste Pernambucano because of the textile production and commercialization pole of the region, present specifically in the cities of Caruaru-PE and Toritama-PE, serving Brazilian women who are self-employed in the sewing area.

To check the impact assessment report for the five years of the program, just click here.


Pillars of the Program

The actions of the program are carried out through four main pillars:


Entrepreneurial Education

Face-to-face and online collective training, in business management for owners of sewing workshop or satellite workshops, individual mentoring, with exclusive content for them to develop their businesses taking into account the particularity and reality of each of them. Topics such as: Price calculation, formalization, hiring of employees, structure of the textile/fashion chain, marketing, commercialization, decent work relations and prevention of child labor are addressed.

With this, it is expected that the participants reach a better understanding of their rights and duties, that they explore the management of their businesses in a more organized way, and consequently improve their quality of life, that of their families and collaborators. Always looking for its regularization for a better insertion to the market. For this front we count on the support and execution of mobilization and training of the allied organizations: CAMI – Centro de Apoio e Pastoral do Migrante; a Presença na Latin America - PAL; and brazilian stylists.


Cause Dissemination

Carrying out activities that disseminate the best practices present in the textile chain, sharing successful cases, creating content to support sewing workshops to regularize, and promoting dialogue among the various actors that participate in the textile chain.


Strategic participation in groups, networks and actions aimed at disseminating the cause within the sector, through partnerships. The objective is to influence and participate in discussions that can improve the working conditions of immigrants, in the development of public policies, and also, to make the project become a reference when thinking about promoting decent relationships within the textile chain.

Technological Solution

Mapping and connecting different technologies that support the qualification of the sewing workshops and/or that promotes worthy working relationships in the sector. It is highlighted the support for the formation of ALINHA startup, a platform that aims at promoting fairer trade relations between the sewing workshops with manufactures that hire them. It is a Program partner, thus we forward some of the workshops that participate in the training to be accelerated by ALINHA and then have access to the platform.