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Support Center and Pastoral do Migrante - CAMI

CAMI's mission is to host and mobilize immigrants in the fight for rights, citizenship and social and political empowerment; to fight against slave labor, xenophobia, human trafficking and promoting the recognition of cultural and religious identity and diversity.

Contact: cami.imigrantes@terra.com.br / cami.pastoraldomigrante@gmail.com
Website: https://www.cami.org.br/


Coletivo ¡Si, Yo Puedo!

Coletivo is formed by a group of volunteers whose main objective is the democratization of information and the struggle for access to education of immigrant communities, promoting the real integration of immigrant workers in São Paulo, from their instrumentalization with meetings of vocational/vocational guidance and referral in the search for formal work.

Contact: siyopuedo-sp@yahoo.com.br
Facebook: https://fb.com/ColetivoSiYoPuedo


Presença na América Latina – PAL

PAL is a civil society organization with the purpose of joining efforts and to empower Latin American immigrant communities living in Brazil. This joint proposes networking practices with civil society organizations, of national, regional and international public bodies in the promotion of the social inclusion of immigrants.

Contacto: contato.pal@gmail.com
Website: http://www.palbrasil.com.br


Instituto ALINHA

Instituto Alinha was born due to the feeling of knowing that there are still thousands of workers who live in situations analogous to slavery in the fashion industry.

Instituto Alinha is a social business focused on improving the working and living conditions of dressmakers and tailors. To change this reality in fashion, the work is devoted to advising sewing workshops to become ALIGNED and connecting manufactures and stylists that are interested in hiring a workshop ensuring fair prices.

Contact: contatoalinha@gmail.com
Website: http://www.alinha.me


Estilistas Brasileiros

Estilistas Brasileiros is a fashion author digital platform, conscious and slow fashion which has as its purpose to inform, educate and promote a new way of reinventing and consuming fashion.

Website: https://estilistasbrasileiros.com.br/


Latin America Memorial Foundation

The Latin America Memorial Foundation is responsible for the administration and management of the Latin America Memorial Complex that promotes and supports several cultural, political, economic and social events.

Website: http://www.memorial.org.br/


Brazilian Association of Textile and Apparel Industries - ABIT

The Brazilian Association of Textile and Apparel Industries is one of the primary entities that support and assist the sustainable development in the textile chain in Brazil, defending their interests in cooperation with national and international governmental organizations.

Contact: abit@abit.org.br
Website: http://www.abit.org.br/


Brazilian Association of retail and the textile industry - ABVETX

ABVTEX is an entity which groups the most representative national and international fashion retail network, that place on the market, textile and fashion design, footwear industry, bags, accessories, as well as household textiles, with a view to combating informality and to contribute to sustainable development in the production chain at the retail fashion industry.

Website: https://www.abvtex.org.br/


InPACTO Institute

The National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Work Institute (InPACTO), founded in 2013, has as objective to bring together both the private sector and civil society organizations to prevent and eradicate the slave labor in the productive chains.

Contact: contato@inpacto.org.br Website: https://www.abvtex.org.br/



Plataforma de investimento coletivo para financiar microempreendedores.

Website: https://financiamentos.firgun.com.br
Contato: contato@firgun.com.br


Advisory Board

The Program counts on the support of an Advisory Board in the support to the development of strategies, expansion of the support network and in the exchange of experiences on the reality of the textile sector and its labor relations. Members of the Council:



Flavia Aranha
Fashion designer

“Trained at Santa Marcelina university, she has her own brand name. Her knowledge with natural dye, its registered trademark and technique in which she is a pioneer, are the result of a deep personal search all over the world, with craft techniques and influence of different cultures

Rodrigo Borges Delfim
Journalist, founder and editor of the MigraMundo portal, focused on news and debates on migration

"I have accompanied Aliança’s work since 2014 and I was one of the mentors of the Project Tecendo Sonhos (Weaving Dreams). "Weaving" goes far beyond the sewing workshops and it also means the construction of a very rich network... See more.

Cristina Chiarastella
Founder of Estilistas Brasileiros (Brazilian stylists) (www.estilistasbrasileiros.com.br), Specialist, curator and fashion and sustainability researcher

“I have been involved with Aliança Empreendedora (Entrepreneurial Alliance) since July 2014, when I was a mentor of the first NGO project related to the fashion zone, from the Alinha Institute emerged. It is a great pleasure to support and to be part of the ... Ver mais.

Márcio Pires
Social and sport projects Manager. He was part of the Project team “A message of freedom”, the forerunner of the program Tecendo Sonhos, in 2014

“There is a less visible São Paulo very near each one of us. A city with people who work and live relations that most people see little. There is nothing new. This innovation is in iniciatives like Tecendo Sonhos, that encourages... Ver mais.